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Women's Health Services

Women's Health Services

Dr Sheryl Kaplan leads our Women's Health service which includes a number of female GPs with special expertise in this important area. EdgCARE provides a number of weekly Women's Health clinics during which we can assess any of the common problems which come up in Women’s Health. These include period problems, pelvic pain, menopausal symptoms, contraception and HRT. Please book in with either Dr Sheryl Kaplan or Dr Melissa Holz to access these services. Please note that currently only Dr Kaplan is offering a coil and implant service. Dr Stacey Hofmann is also available to offer Cervical Smears as part of our Women's Health team. 

Contraception Reviews, Coil & Implant Insertion

Run by Dr Kaplan, this service includes a pre-procedure assessment to decide which is the best coil to fit for you. It also includes the follow up appointment which is necessary after fitting a coil. Prices depend on the type of coil selected.

Menopause Care

Consulting with an experienced and sympathetic doctor for symptoms occurring before, during and after the menopause can be crucial to ensure you get the right care during this important time. Our team can initiate HRT or review your current treatment. We are also able to check your hormone levels.

Cervical Smears

Cervical smears can also be taken at EdgCARE. Options include the standard HPV detection smear or an enhanced service which includes cervical cell analysis (cytology).

Pricing Information

Standard Cervical Smear (HPV)

Checks for the presence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) high risk subtypes.

Cost: £160 

Price includes the appointment cost

Enhanced Cervical Smear (HPV and Cytology)

In addition to checking for HPV we also analysis the cervical cells under the microscope to check for any early signs indicating a higher risk of cervical cancer.

Cost: £225

Price includes the appointment cost


Copper Coil Insertion

Cost: £275

Mirena Coil Insertion

Cost: £350

Please note that the above prices are all inclusive and include consultation cost, device cost and cost of fitting. 

Coil Removal 

Cost: £170

Implant Fitting

Cost: £330

(Nexplanon implant)

Implant Removal

Cost: £175

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