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Family Medicine delivered the way it should be.

We believe in family medicine. We believe that the best family medicine comes from you knowing your doctor and your doctor knowing you. Your own regular GP who is familiar with your history and healthcare needs and is in a position to personalise your care and take a long term interest in your wellbeing.

Particularly here in London, where GP practices are often large and over-subscribed, it can be difficult to see the same GP consistently and appointment times are restricted. This can be as frustrating for doctors as it is for you.

Our service is designed to give you the time and space to have your medical needs carefully addressed. Appointments are available quickly (the same day if required) and extra time is allowed for consultations so that don't feel rushed.

Drawing on our NHS experience and training to provide a first class independent sector GP service, our private GP service is designed to be affordable for everyone, not a luxury for the few.

So why not benefit from the convenience of a GP consultation outside of normal working hours or a home visit in the comfort of your own home.

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