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Well Woman Check (30 minutes)

Well Woman Check (30 minutes)

Well Woman Check (30 minutes)

What does it involve?

A focused 30 minute GP assessment looking specifically at important aspects of Women's Health as relevant to you. This may include menopausal assessment, contraceptive advice or menstrual cycle assessment. Includes a breast examination.

What tests are included?

The Well Woman Check includes blood tests for anaemia, kidney function, thyroid function, iron levels.

What tests are not included?

Since this is a shorter, more focused health check we just couldn't manage to squeeze in an ECG, smear or pelvic (internal examination). If you're keen on these then we would suggest the Detailed Health Screen (60 minutes).

How much does it cost?

The cost is £360 and this includes a telephone phone call with your health check GP to discuss your results and any important actions. You will also receive a letter with your results and the doctors advice. 

How do I book?

Simply click on the "Book Online Now" widget on the left hand side of the screen and select your Health Screen, your doctor along with the date and time of your choosing.

Can I add on any other tests?

Other blood tests and a bowel cancer screening stool test can be added onto this package. Please make sure you are happy with any additional costs before you proceed - please see below where you can click on common "add on" tests. Simply let the doctor know during your appointment that you wish to add on a particular test.

Add-On Tests

Choose from the list below

Faecal Occult Blood (FIT test)

What does it do?
This is a stool sample test to look for traces of blood in the stool which might indicate bowel cancer
Price: £50

Ca 125

What does it do?
Screening Test for Ovarian Cancer
Price: £80

Female Hormone Profile (FSH, LH, Oestrogen, Prolactin)

What does it do?
Measures the common female hormones found in the blood – useful in infertility investigations
Price: £115

Vitamin D

What does it do?
A blood test to check for vitamin D deficiency
Price: £80

Vitamin B12

What does it do?
This is a blood test to check for vitamin b12 deficiency
Price: £65

Folate (Serum)

What does it do?
Checks the level of Folic acid in the blood
Price: £65

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