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24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Have you had a raised Blood Pressure reading?

Raised Blood Pressure is a common risk factor for developing heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. The challenge is that in most cases it doesn't cause any symptoms and so goes undetected. If you have had a raised blood pressure reading at your doctor it is vital that this is assessed further. National guidelines stress that once a raised BP is detected by your doctor or nurse, further assessments including home or ambulatory blood pressure readings should be obtained. This will allow us to determine whether you have "white coat" high blood pressure or whether you do indeed have persistent raised BP even outside of the clinic setting.

24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

The gold standard for assessment of raised blood pressures is a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor. This provides a wealth of information including what happens to your blood pressure when you are sleeping (in normal circumstances we should see a fall compared to daytime readings). We can provide this service at EdgCARE. You will see either a GP or practice nurse to have the monitor set up and ready for you to go home and let the automatic readings commence. The next day you will return the monitor and then you will be given a further appointment to discuss the results with the GP. Alternatively, you can take your personalised report to discuss with your NHS GP.  


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